The Flash nearly gave fans a heart attack tonight by suggesting that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) might be packing his bags and leaving Central City behind.

After getting himself into a hilarious pickle with Breacher (Danny Trejo), in which Cisco had to tell the inter-dimensional jumper that his breaching abilities were wearing away thanks to his old age, Cisco was given a very enticing offer. Breacher would resign from the inter-dimensional bounty hunter police force, and Cisco could take his place.

Putting aside the fact that Cisco the Bounty Hunter is a spin-off we'd totally watch, what are the odds this twist could actually happen?

On one hand, Cisco has always loved crime-fighting, and the job would allow him to spend more time with his girlfriend Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) on Earth 19. A new job on a new Earth could be an opportunity for him to find his own legs as a superhero.

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On the other hand... yeah, there's no way this is happening.

For one, Cisco is an irreplaceable part of Team Flash, logistically speaking. He can breach them to other Earths, which is a common occurrence on the show, and he's a valuable team member both in the field and in the lab. His powers and his brain are sometimes the only things holding the plot together each week, so losing him would create a huge hole in the way the team operates.

On a more existential level, Cisco is integral to the DNA of The Flash as a show. He provides comedy and levity to the story whereas the rest of the team tends to get mopey when things go wrong. His friendships with Barry (Grant Gustin) and Harry (Tom Cavanagh) have become two of the most rewarding (and hilarious) dynamics on the show. Ripping him away from his bros would no doubt leave us feeling like a key ingredient was missing from our favorite recipe.

Plus, who will name all of our villains if Cisco leaves?! Nope, not happening.

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Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker; The FlashCarlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker; The Flash