Survivor: Guatemala The Maya Empire Finally the show managed to break out of its predictable rut of the former Yaxhas eliminating their competition one by one. Instead they voted out one of their own Jamie. Even he seemed excited by the twist of fate  "blindsided... nice! Now that's how you vote somebody out." True words, Jamie, true words. And a good reaction considering how he had seemed so paranoid that someone was going to take him out. Loved the mud task  and that the reward surprisingly included some videotapes from home, because one of the most charming moments of the night came from Gary's kid: "Hope you haven't got hit in the head with a coconut yet, but if you have... 'Hi, my name is Jaime and I'm your daughter.'" Funny kid. I like that. Now I might have missed it, but did Gary, Steph, Danni and Judd tell their tribe mates that they got videos from home, or did they keep that a secret? Either way, I think they made a big mistake giving Cindy so much coffee.... She nearly won the immunity task and I think the little bit of extra caffeine will boost her standings as a force to be reckoned with in coming weeks.