Stranger Things Season 2 has been on Netflix for ~12 hours, which is enough time to have binged the entire nine-episode season, and a few dedicated Elevenheads stayed up all night and went for it. This is their story.

The verdict: they love it. Eleven out of ten.

Among people who are stuck at work and haven't been able to start yet, a common theme is that they're worried about their friends who have watched spoiling it for them. And there are some wastoids out there who are excited to spoil it. C'mon guys. Friends don't spoil.

Elise has the right idea.

Celebrity fans are excited, too, like Outlander star Sam Heughan, who must not spend much time online if this is the first he's hearing about Stranger Things premiering.

What are your Stranger Things plans? Are you going to binge it all this weekend or savor it like an Eggo sundae?

Stranger Things 2 is now available on Netflix.