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The National Football League's policy bans players from using Twitter 90 minutes before a game and until postgame interviews are completed. But during Sunday's Pro Bowl in Hawaii, the NFL is not only encouraging it — they announced that they'll be setting up a computer on each sideline for the players to use.

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Players will also be able to tweet from their cell phones, but only before the game and during halftime. To streamline chatter about the game (and presumably start a trending topic), players will be using #ProBowl in their tweets."This is an innovative way to further engage our fans who have an insatiable appetite for football," league spokesman Brian McCarthy said. "NFL players have been very active on social media and enjoying talking to fans. The nature of the Pro Bowl enables us to have players tweet during the game."

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But don't expect the social integration during games to become customary — the league says it doesn't plan to implement the idea during the regular season or playoffs.