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Here's the cold, hard fact about Skating with the Stars' Rebecca Budig: She skated as a kid, but she assures you that gives her no advantage. Why? "We all have to be able to skate somewhat!" she tells "I can't even imagine if [I didn't know how to skate and] had to learn from scratch. It'd be even harder." Learning toe loops and salchows isn't the only difficult aspect of the upcoming ABC show for the actress, who's partnered with pairs specialist Fred Palascak — Budig plans to continue working on All My Children during her run on Skating. Find out how she's juggling acting and skating, who she thinks her biggest competition is, and why she wants to make her sister jealous. I know you skated as a kid, so did you say "yes" immediately when you were asked to do the show?
Rebecca Budig:
Not immediately. I was like, "I don't know." I got my old skates on, went down to the rink and was like, "Can I do this?" I can skate, but I don't have any sort of grace! My technical aspects of skating are not stellar. But they were like, "That's fine. All we want is that you can skate." So I just got so excited and I felt like a little girl again, so I was like, "I'm going to do it." And then after I made the decision, I thought I'm crazy and out of my mind.

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