What are the chances we'll ever get to see a Seinfeld reunion? Fuhgeddaboudit, says series regular Jason Alexander.

The actor who played neurotic George Costanza tells TV Guide Online that network suits know better than to even think of reuniting the cast of the hit sitcom. "I think they know it'd be talking to a wall," he says. "We left because there was nothing left to do.

"The characters had become such icons, there was no situation we could put them in where you didn't know how they were essentially going to react," he adds. "Our finale episode, 'God Bless America,' wasn't good enough for anybody. We could do no right in ending that show. So now we're going to do a reunion show? Why? It's insane. There's no story there. There's nothing to do. It's four people, it wasn't like we had a cliff-hanger. And it would be a totally commercial proposition. And I just don't think anybody would be terribly interested in it."

Alexander, who's currently developing several ideas for a new TV show through his own production company, says he's been working much longer hours since losing what he describes as his "cushier" Seinfeld gig. "The work is far more demanding, far less fun and requires a lot more time," he admits.

"There was nothing better or more fun," he says of his days with funnyman Jerry Seinfeld. "I would work with him again in a heartbeat."