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There's a baby on the way on Schitt's Creek!

Johnny (Eugene Levy) discovers a positive pregnancy test in Alexis' (Annie Murphy) and David's (Dan Levy) bathroom and alerts the rest of the family there could be a baby Rose on the way. Naturally, no one in the Rose family is ready to take on that type of burden, but it will be hilarious to watch them have to grapple with the idea.

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We can let you in on a little secret though — it's not Alexis' pregnancy test! She's been too busy focusing on school and her unsettled feelings for Ted (Dustin Milligan) to be having sex. However, if it's not Alexis' pregnancy test, that means that someone else is expecting a child, and there's a limited number of people who would be trashing a pregnancy test in Alexis and David's bathroom.

Schitt's Creek airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Pop.