Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker says she is "incredibly outraged" by the heightened media attention on the surrogate who is carrying her and Matthew Broderick's twin daughters.

"The most unsavory things have been done," Parker tells Access Hollywood. "She's had her phone hacked, her personal computer information hacked, she's had threats against her and true harassment... It's really incredibly upsetting to think of her so far away and me not being able to do something, beyond what I'm legally allowed to do."

The Sex and the City star adds that her concern over the woman's safety and that of her children "keeps me up every night" during what ought to be one of the happiest times for her family. Parker and Broderick, already parents to 6-year-old James Wilkie, tried to expand their family for years before turning to surrogacy as a necessity. "It would have been odd to have made this choice if I was able to have had successful pregnancies since my son's birth," she says.

Reduced to "giggles" when she learned twins were on the way, Parker says she's been "pretty candid" with James about the surrogacy and his new sisters. The babies are due in the summer.

"I kind of chartered my own course with him because we wanted to keep this quiet and so I wanted to be very careful about telling him so he wasn't burdened with a secret. On the other hand, I wanted him to have time to adjust to the idea of sharing his mama and his papa," she says. "He's very much ready to be an older brother. I think it gives him a great sense of pride."

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