We're obsessed with Ryan Reynolds for many reasons--the face, the hair, pretty much everything, really-- but we really love his sense of humor.

The actor, who is currently shooting Deadpool, the spin-off film featuring his character from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, revealed the official Deadpool costume on Twitter Friday.

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But it wasn't just any reveal; in the photo, he's channeling another famous Reynolds: the manly Burt Reynolds famously appeared naked on a bearskin rug for an issue of Cosmopolitan in the '70s.

The homage wasn't enough, though, because Reynolds then captioned the photo with a play on one of the lines made popular by the Spider-Man franchise. "With great power, comes great irresponsibility," he wrote.

What do you think? Looks nice and cozy for an assassin, huh?

Deadpool is scheduled for release in February 2016.

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