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Revolution's midseason finale "Nobody's Fault but Mine" was everything the show promised to be: action, adventure, mystery, and emotions. Oh, the emotions! Check out the nine burning questions sure to keep you up at night until the series returns in March. [Spoilers ahead]

1. A history of bromance After weeks of speculating how the pre-blackout buds we met in the pilot became the dueling enemies we know, Revolution finally gave us a glimpse of Miles and Bass' time together after the lights went out. The two buds are seen five years after the blackout in the midst of "The Trenton Campaign." After Miles is injured, he urges Bass to continue on but the future general refuses. "If you're dying, I'm dying with you," Bass insists in a touching moment of friendship.

But this wasn't the only Miles/Monroe flashback we got in Episode 10. Last week, we saw Bass smile, but this week we saw him cry. Two years before the blackout, Miles finds his friend crying in a graveyard over the car crash that killed his entire family on the way to a Harry Potter movie. "I've got nothing left," Bass weeps. "You've got me," Miles promises.

If this was a focus group, that's the point where I'd raise my hand and say "tears." I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm shipping Bass and Miles' bromance far more than any other relationship. Do you think there's any hope for a truce? (Though after the episode's ending, it seems unlikely.)

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2. There's a war coming, y'all
After Neville advises Bass to hide out in Boston for a while, the general mentions he can't because of a possible border war with Georgia. Could this be a hint at the next direction Revolution might be taking when it comes back in March?

3. How can anyone hate Aaron? I always forget that before the blackout, Neville was a sniveling little office worker. Apparently, the twisted captain still remembers — and oh-so vividly. While keeping a watch over his new hostages, Neville recognizes a familiar face: Aaron Pittman, the wizard of Google. While we know Aaron as nothing but a sweet, nerdy teddy bear, Neville can't help but project his anger towards his former bosses onto our favorite beardo, breaking my heart in the process.

4. Reunited and it feels so weird "I knew it was you. I'd know you anywhere," Rachel tells Charlie all teary-eyed.  But as her mother is overwhelmed with sentiment, Charlie does what any sane person would do — back the heck away!

Ironically demonstrating a striking similarity to Rachel, Charlie brushes off the nostalgia (and the millions of questions about her mother's faked death) and gets right to business: rescuing Danny. Luckily, the militia speeds up the process by bringing Rachel and Charlie right to him.

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6. Do something, Danny!
I know they only have one gun, but I still feel like Danny could have done something this episode besides tag along like a mop-headed lap dog. It's hard to remember this is the same kid who pulled a crossbow on Neville and choked a militia soldier. Let's see more of that kid and less of this walking wet blanket.

7. Brothers (up) in arms Miles and Monroe's anticipated face-off is finally here and it does not disappoint! Continuing "Nobody's Fault but Mine"'s theme of showing the softer side of Bass, the general pleads: "We're brothers. You gonna kill me?" Bass proceeds to beg Miles to rejoin the militia, promising anything he wants in exchange for his return to the militia and his life.

I am shocked to say that Bass' speech was so heartfelt I actually found myself rooting for him. Plus, how good of a twist would it be if Miles re-enlisted?

So what did Miles do?

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