Looking for a place to seek vengeance on your ex? Well, look no further than MTV's The Blame Game.

"I think it's actually like Judge Judy on acid," says Kara McNamara, a counselor on the Gen-X court show. "It's just really trippy and crazy; and we have an insane audience. Also, it's really rich with sarcasm and is kind of mocking ? so it's a little different on that end."

McNamara tells the TV Guide Channel that she's heard some pretty wacky stories from the show's participants. "There was one we had from last season that stands out, a guy who ends up getting into bed and sleeping with a girl's sister and said that he was mistaken ? he thought that it was her. We have a lot of cheating, of course. The ways that people cheat are always very interesting to me."

Who would want to take their former lover to task on national TV, you ask? "We really don't have to look too far for the contestants. They come flocking to us. There's a hotline they can call. And I guess some of the producers go out to clubs and things like that, and that's how they find most of the contestants... just kind of fishing around. There's a lot of pain out there so people are willing to [talk about] it."

By the way, McNamara says you won't be seeing her in the hot seat anytime soon. "I would never, ever, ever, ever come on this show with my ex... ever!