Monday's rating highlights, and there are a few:

" During the 8 o'clock hour alone, Prison Break (10.14 million total viewers) and (a rather uneven) How I Met Your Mother (10.78 million, up 1.23 mil from its last fresh outing) set new season highs.

" This week's 9 pm face-off between Heroes and 24 went to... Team Bennet-Petrelli (14.56 million), which surged a mil week-to-week. 24 (13.57 mil) slipped 500,000.

" Two and a Half Men (17.77 million) was up 1.7 mil, achieving a season's best, while new lead-out Rules of Engagement (14.89 mil) improved on Old Christine's most recent audience by 1.89 mil.

" At 10, CSI: Miami (18.2 million) dominated, followed by Studio 60 (7.17 mil, up 220K) and ABC's celebrity-weddings thing, which, with a viewership of nearly six million, bested the latest What About Brian by a quarter mil. That's just silly.

UPDATE: Men had a season high in viewers, while The Class (9.72 million) delivered its best numbers in key demos since the Sept. 18 series premiere.