Question: Last year I read that David Lynch (Twin Peaks) was once again going to come to television. This time it would be a series with a more well-worked-out storyline to be called Mulholland Drive. Whatever happened to that? — Jim Leatherman

Televisionary: For a while, that was a question Mr. Lynch was asking as well, Jim.

In fact, the whole experience with ABC, which decided not to go with the series after its executives freaked over the length and strangeness of the pilot the director turned in, had Lynch vowing in The New Yorker that he'd never go near TV again.

That would be a shame, really, since to my mind the first season of Twin Peaks, which also ran on ABC, represents some of the medium's finest moments, and I'm a big fan of the filmmaker (Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, The Elephant Man, The Straight Story) .

Fear not, however: The Mulholland Drive pilot may make it to the big screen. Imagine Television executive Tony Krantz, who's also an executive producer of the pilot, tells TV Guide's own J. Max Robins that French media biggie Canal Plus is in talks to acquire the work so that Lynch can change the ending and get it in shape for a theatrical release. ABC would then have the right to make it a series, but that's an unlikely scenario unless the film kills at the box office, Robins reports.

Hey, they can count on one ticket sale right here.