Question: Please tell me if my memory is correct. I vaguely remember a show from the '70s that starred an actor named Kevin Brophy as Lucas, which I think was also the name of the show. I don't remember what his exact story was, but he could have been raised in the jungle. I'm not really sure about that at all, but I saw that actor on a rerun of a Hardy Boys episode a while ago, and it has been driving me crazy ever since. Please help!

Televisionary: Sorry, but I can't help you with the crazy part. Usually I'm doing the driving, not the alleviating.

However, your memory's mostly on the mark. Actor Kevin Brophy did indeed star in ABC's adventure show Lucan (Lucas was a coming-of-age movie with Charlie Sheen, Corey Haim and Winona Ryder), which debuted in December 1977.

Lucan was a young guy who'd been raised, Mowgli- and Tarzan-fashion, by Minnesota timberwolves (the animals, not the team — though I'd wager Kevin Garnett would have at least taught the boy-cub to leave the rancher's sheep alone) until he was 10. Most of the episodes revolved around Lucan trying to figure out his real identity since he was relatively sure his real parents drove cars instead of chasing them.

Rounding out the cast were Dr. Hoagland (Angie's John Randolph), a researcher who worked at the facility from which Lucan took a powder, and Prentiss (Don Gordon), a bounty hunter tracking the lad.

The show wasn't exactly a howling success (sorry) and it tailed off (sorry again) within a year or so.