Question: Please settle a bet between my daughter and me. We both know that Kyle Secor played Det. Bayliss on the TV series Homicide: Life on the Street. However, I say he also played the older love interest to Neve Campbell on the TV series Party of Five. I believe this was after his stint on Homicide. My daughter says it can't be him because Party of Five was on at the same time as Homicide and the 'older guy' was way too young/good-looking to be Kyle Secor. Which one of us is right? (A trip to Vermont is riding on this one!) Also, what might we be seeing Kyle doing next/now on TV or in movies? He seems to have vanished from the screen! I hope you can settle all of this for us! So, could ya, please? I'll owe ya one, like, some maple syrup from Vermont? A teddybear? Thanks. — Melissa & Linda

Televisionary: Now, now — bribery will get you nowhere fast, ladies. At least not anymore. One time I accepted the gift of scrapple from Pennsylvania Dutch country for answering a question about Tequila and Bonetti and was nearly fired for it. Okay, not really.

But to answer your question, Kyle Secor did indeed play book editor Evan Stilman, writing mentor and older love interest to Neve Campbell's Julia Salinger on Fox's Party of Five. (She had a habit of entanglements with more experienced scribes; just ask guest-star Olivia D'Abo.)

As for your daughter's belief that Secor was "way too young/good-looking" to be the same guy who portrayed Det. Tim Bayliss on Homicide, I'm sure he'd be very happy to hear he's losing years and gaining beauty as he ages. (He joined PO5 after NBC cancelled Homicide, so his dance card was open.)

Also, your belief that he's vanished from the screen would no doubt dismay the producers of CBS's City of Angels. Secor joins the cast of the struggling drama this year, so if you want to see more of him, tune in on Thursdays at 9 pm/ET and show your support — they could use the ratings.