Question: You recently answered a question regarding Aunt Bee's relationship to Andy on The Andy Griffith Show. My question is, what was Barney's relationship to Andy? There are two episodes in which Barney calls Andy "cousin Andy." How were they related? — Roper, Des Moines, Iowa

Televisionary: That's not completely clear, but bear with me here as I try not to confuse myself.

We know Aunt Bee, who's Andy's aunt on his father's side, is not Barney's aunt because Barney says so in a couple of episodes, which rules out that connection. Other times, Barney tells Andy about his mom's family, and Andy doesn't appear to know about these people. That leaves Barney's dad's side and Andy's mom's side. So if they're first cousins, Barney's dad and Andy's mom are brother and sister.

If they're anything other than first cousins — and the show never specified — I'm lost.