Question: I am looking for the angel-wing outfits the girls in Vegas wore on UPN's The Strip. My husband has this wonderful fantasy to see me dressed like that. And I have got the body to fill it well. You are my last hope. Please help me. Thanks. — Cathleen

Televisionary: Heaven forbid! Well, on second thought if you're so eager to please your fella that you're willing to put it all on the line for the world to see (well, the people who read this column, anyway), then far be it from me to deny you.

Unfortunately, the best I can do is point you to the planned, a site that purportedly will feature clothing and other items from TV shows and movies when it launches. You can check out what they've got up now, but last time I visited the shopping links didn't work.

I didn't see anything related to The Strip there — and tend to doubt you ever will since the show was canceled — but they do have a request page, so maybe you can convince them to sell you those wings. If not, I noticed Nikki Cox sports a positively ginchy Godzilla outfit in the pilot of her upcoming WB show, but I'm betting that's not quite the effect you're going for.