Question: I'm doing a report for my college English class on the greatest cartoons of all time. I remember an issue that you did on this. I don't know what month or year it was, but it would be useful if you could e-mail the list of them in order. Thank you very much. — Jamin, Fremont, Mich.

Televisionary: Jeez, kids these days. It would be even more useful if you'd go to the library, an old-fashioned practice from way back in the days when I was in school. It'd also be useful if you'd read the notice at the top of the page that says I don't do e-mail. Frankly, in the time you spent writing me, you could've looked it up yourself. And why aren't you reading a book for English class, anyway? (Wow, check me out — we all really do become our fathers, huh?) I shouldn't give you this, but it is my job, so go here and see if your lazy fingers are up to the task of clicking the pulldown menu.