Question: Hello, I need help. I am desperate to know the name of the closing song from the Oct. 19 episode of ER and who performed it. I would love to purchase it if possible. I have searched all over the Web trying find this information. Could you please help me? Thank you. — Georgia

Televisionary: The song you're seeking is Beth Nielsen Chapman's "Sand and Water," which served as the title track from her 1997 album and the title of the ER episode in question. You can find that and her Greatest Hits collection, which also includes the song, at

You're not alone in wanting the details on the song, which played on the show as a baby was baptized and doctors took heroic measures to prolong the life of a dying woman; many a reader asked for the name of it.

And many a producer has picked up on its appeal. "Sand and Water" has been featured on Providence and Charmed. Furthermore, Elton John was so taken with the song that he replaced "Candle in the Wind" with it — adding a new verse from Nielsen Chapman -- during his 1997 tour to honor the memories of the late Princess Diana and murdered fashion designer Gianni Versace.

All that for a song Nielsen Chapman nearly kept to herself because she considered it too personal for others to understand. She wrote it soon after the death of her husband, who succumbed to lymphoma in 1994, and was surprised at how many fans embraced it.