Question: What color blood did Dr. Spock have? Also, how much money did Jack Benny win on The $64,000 Question? — Glenda D., Harrisburg, Pa.

Televisionary: Administering random testing now, are we, Glenda? Don't give the rest any ideas, please. And to any of you getting 'em, I'm just answering these because I feel like it.

First off, I wonder if you meant this to be a trick question. Famed pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock had red blood like the rest of us. But I'm betting you meant Star Trek's Mr. Spock (this is a TV-oriented column, after all). Because Spock (Leonard Nimoy) had a human mom and a vulcan dad, his blood was green (although it had some human characteristics, apparently — I'll let the Trek purists fight about those details). Vulcan blood is copper-based, as opposed to iron-based human blood.

As for your second query, the infamously cheap Benny (as far as his act went, anyway) answered his first question correctly — his category was violins — and was awarded $64. Afraid to lose it, he dropped out right there, took the money and ran.