Question: I made a bet with a friend but I can't seem to get any proof that I'm right. My friend says that Mushmouth from Fat Albert wore a giant pink stocking cap that he pulled down over his face, and had punched two holes in it so he could see out. I know for a fact that he is talking about Dumb Donald. He probably thinks I'm wrong because of a Saturday Night Live skit in which Chris Rock played Mushmouth but dressed as Dumb Donald. Could you please confirm to my friend that I am right? — Charlie Brown

Televisionary: Sure, uh... Charlie. (C'mon, really?) You are indeed correct. Print out this page and show it to him.

Donald was the one with the bright pink hat pulled down over his face (though as a kid I thought it was a big seashell or something), while Mushmouth wore a red knit cap and a scarf.

As an aside, may I add that Fat Albert helped me get through college? Thanks to the episode where the gang staged a theatrical version of Moby Dick (with Albert in a pool float as the title character), I didn't have to actually read the book.

Granted, I didn't say it got me through with good grades.

Now pay up, friend.