Pushing Daisies Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is back!

Well, for three weeks anyway, as ABC fulfills its promise to the fans to schedule the three unaired episodes. The end of the Daisies drama unspools over the next three Saturdays at 10 pm/ET.

The facts were these: Some time in December 2008, after months of disappointing ratings, ABC pulled the plug on our beloved Pushing Daisies. Shortly after its cancellation, the network atoned by announcing that it would air the three unaired episodes at a later date, probably over the summer. It was even reported that series creator Bryan Fuller (who has since decamped for his other baby, Heroes) was given the opportunity to recut the season-finale episode so that it could act more like a series finale.

Which is all well and good, but... does anyone even remember what was happening on Pushing Daisies back in December?

The facts were these: In "The Norwegians," which aired way back on Dec. 17, Chuck Charles' reanimated father was on the run, Olive Snook had just gone undercover with Ned and Emerson's maddeningly, aggressively Nordic private-eye competition. Chuck was just realizing the truth about her mother, Lily Charles. Vivian Charles was still searching for her "true love," Dwight Dixon. Emerson Cod had a long-lost daughter to locate. Oh, also: Ned's father showed up, mysteriously, sinisterly, anonymously — and had a piece of pie.

The first of the final three episodes, titled "Window Dressed to Kill," is particularly interesting in that it's Chuck and Emerson who are searching for the killer together, as Ned has sworn to never use his "power" again. David Arquette returns as Randy Mann, but this time he has his sights set on Olive. Over the next two Saturdays, flashbacks will further fill in Lily-and-Vivian's backstory. Look for guest spots by Richard Benjamin, Wendie Malick, Robert Picardo, Nora Dunn, Wilson Cruz, Willie Garson, Constance Zimmer, Josh Hopkins and others.

The DVD of Daisies' final season hits stores on July 21. Will you be queuing up for a copy? And will your next three Saturdays be tastier than a lemon meringue, thanks to ABC's summertime gift to the fans?

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