Ignacio Serricchio Ignacio Serricchio

"Sage is full of rage." That’s how I, at least, keep the twins' names straight on the CW's Privileged. (Rose, meanwhile, is the "delicate flower"; that's the writers' own mnemonic device.) My point here is that Sage, and not Rose, is the prickly one here, but maybe getting a bit of love in her life might start to smooth those rough-n-tough edges...?

We soon will find out. Sources tell me exclusively that former General Hospital dreamboat Ignacio Serricchio has been booked for a recurring gig on Privileged, as a love interest for the saltier sis.

First appearing in Episode 10, Serricchio will play a cousin of Charlie's (Michael Cassidy) who wants to be a chef. To that end, Megan helps get him a job working for Marco. Among the first things the lad cooks up, however, is some delicious sexual tension with Sage (who, of course, feigns elitist indifference).

In addition to is run as GH's Diego Alcazar, Serricchio has paid the occasional visit to TV's Ghost Whisperer.

Privileged airs Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET, after 90210.