Of all the comedic characters that carried Parks and Recreation through its seven, hilarious seasons, Jim O'Heir's Jerry Gergich was perhaps the show's unsung hero — for all his good-natured endurance of his co-workers' constant ribbing. And now the actor is ready to give the show another shot — with a major plot twist in mind.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, O'Heir enthusiastically agreed that he'd be willing to participate in a Parks and Rec reunion or revival, even though it's only been two years since the NBC show signed off.

The actor — who called the conclusion of the series "heartbreaking" but also agreed it was wise to end while it was still on top — said, "Would I go back? Whatever it took. Whatever it took! Though, next time I would be the lead and Amy Poehler could do craft services. My character would at this point be called Marty — I don't know why."

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Considering how many surprises Jerry had up his sleeves throughout the series — including a supermodel wife and three stunning daughters — perhaps the pitch could be that Jerry has an evil twin who wouldn't suffer as much workplace nonsense (and pies to the face) as his ultra-tolerant sibling. Just a thought.

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