Land of the free, home of the brave? Not so much, according to this new teaser for Netflix's upcoming crime thriller Ozark.

Ozark stars Jason Bateman (who also directs and executive-produces) as a Chicago financial advisor/money launderer who has to move his family to the Ozarks when things go sideways at his business. While his family is struggling to adjust to this rural way of life, he must also deal with local gangsters, an FBI agent sniffing around, and completing his work for the Chicago outfit... Or else. Sounds pretty stressful (it also sounds pretty concisely pitched as "Breaking Bad meets Winter's Bone"). The incomparable Laura Linney co-stars.

The teaser is heavy on the dark irony, with "God Bless America" providing the soundtrack to shots of a dead body in the street, Laura Linney scrubbing blood off a patio and Jason Bateman crying alone in the woods. Happy Independence Day!

Ozark premieres Friday, July 21 on Netflix.