Presidential wannabe George W. Bush made history during a live broadcast of the The Oprah Winfrey Show Tuesday when he became the first-ever guest on the show to be heckled by a member of the studio audience. An unidentified man in the audience twice interrupted the interview before Winfrey called for a commercial break and had him removed from the premises. Upon returning from the break, Winfrey said, "OK, we're live with Presidential candidate George Bush...I told him, 'Fifteen years of shows, never had a heckler; you come on, I get a heckler.'" She then turned to Bush and said, "It's okay, you deal with that all the time." Dubya seemed to take it all in stride. "Glad to break the record somehow, you know?," he joked on air. An Oprah spokeswoman did not know the identity of the heckler or what became of him after he was booted out onto the street. She also was not able to identify what all the shouting was about. Maybe he had a lousy seat?