OK, tear. Right down my face. Just one though, like in the soaps. Gearing up for goodbyes does that to me. And I love it. I also love the fact that the writers had Justin and his mom make up with a dance after he gave her a plus-one to his wedding. And Emmett dumping Drew to give the newly out footballer a chance to lick every peppermint stick in the candy store? So sweet, in a sort of slutty way, you know? Even Teds new AA beau is endearing, if not just a tad addictive, with his whole "I love you after three days so forget your friends and come skiing with me" routine. Buddy needs a few more meetings and a lot more boundaries, if you ask me. However, it was Brian who had me sniffling the most, which is weird since hes so hateful. But when he told Linds the real reason he was against little Gus moving to Canada with his two mommies, I finally saw the appeal of the usually grating and pouty Mr. Kinney: Hes just a softy with a perpetual hard oh, you know. Anyway, the end is near for Queer, and we are so not happy about this. Or this weeks finales of Blow Out, Hells Kitchen and oh, my god, did they just kill Nate on Six Feet Under?! Another goodbye? Great. If youll excuse me, Im gonna go freebase some Welbutrin. That aint right.