Maggie Q and Shane West Maggie Q and Shane West

Nikita has trapped herself in Division... again. But that won't last long.

On Nikita's Season 2 finale (Friday at 8/7c on the CW), the action picks up from the previous episode's cliff-hanger, with Nikita (Maggie Q) caught in the blast caused by the explosives she had set inside the organization. "Her comm's not working, so she's completely off the grid down there," Q told reporters during a visit to the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank. "We don't know what's going to happen to her."

Nikita renewed for a third season

Naturally, Nikita survives, but whether or not she can continue her mission as originally planned is a different matter. Throughout the action-packed hour, she'll deal with surprising setbacks and alliances and an unforeseen outcome that's become a hallmark of the series. "I certainly don't expect people to expect to happen what happens at the end," says Q. "I'm not saying it's not a possibility, but you would never think that it would go that way. The tables are completely turned. We're going to give [the audience] a little bit of hopefulness, but there's going to be a lot of shocker before there's hope."

Check out what else Q says to expect in the finale:

A Percy-Nikita face-off! "It's a long time coming," Q says. "Percy puts her in a position where you have to see her working together with him, which is so putrid and disgusting for her. She can either off him or help him, and the thing is, only helping him will allow her to reach her goal. So it becomes this whole juxtapositioning of 'I have to do this, but I loathe this human being.' It's weird. You're going to see them having each other's back."

Birkhoff + Sonya = Nerd Love. The tech geniuses on opposite sides of the struggle will finally have their moment. "There's going to be a cute little payoff moment with them in the finale," Q says. "They're on two different ends, and there's this sort of banter and attraction. They're finally at some point going to have some proxy to actually have a face-to-face, which is going to be cool."

Amanda's return. Last we saw, Division's former chief and torture enthusiast was in a hotel room with her ally Ari and one of those mysterious black boxes, plotting... who knows? "I kind of didn't want her to come back until Season 3 because of the way she went out was epic," says Q. "That moment of her and Ari in that dank motel room, it was pathetic and perfect... She will be back, but she doesn't come back in the way you think."

A day out with Nikita's Shane West

A place ever so humble. The finale is titled "Homecoming," and Nikita's return to Division isn't the only way she's gone back to her roots. Q explains, "The overarching theme of Season 2 being 'home,' I think that in the end we understand what home is to her and what it isn't and how she's come full circle in that way, which is kind of beautiful actually."

A "Mikita" moment. "After Episode 19, after 'Wrath,' there was no more wall," Q says. "You see Nikita being a little bit more open with Michael because after that, you either get over that and move on and you've opened and you've changed, or you go back into the darkness. She is ready to be a little bit more forthcoming about who she is and reveal things she never talked about or said [before]. We get a little bit of that in the end. We'll end on a 'Mikita' moment, one of the most visually beautiful 'Mikita' anything you've seen."

A major death. "There will be loss, and I don't mean a plant," Q says. "I understand all the elements that make this show work... so I was a little bit torn about taking a very important element out of what we've done for two years, a quality element. But at the end of the day, Nikita's journey has to move forward and to do that, there has to be either be some gain or some big loss. It has to be one of those things because only through those emotions do you grow. We rarely grow when we're happy; we grow when we're hurt."

The Nikita Season 2 finale airs on Friday at 8/7c on The CW.