In Hollywood circles, Jack Nicholson is rumored to be as talented in the boudoir as he is on the set. But the fact of the matter is, his reputation as a playboy could be somewhat exaggerated. That's right — though he has been linked romantically with A-list sweethearts from Anjelica Huston to Lara Flynn Boyle, the dirty dawg might actually be a pussycat!

Here's how we know: Back when the About Schmidt leading man was shooting a scene for 1997's As Good as It Gets with blonde bombshell Julie Benz (Steven Spielberg's Taken), his true colors showed and — surprise, surprise — they weren't red-light-district crimson. "He didn't hit on me," Benz tells TV Guide Online, sounding for all the world like a high school girl stood up on prom night. "I was very disappointed. I think he thought I was really young."

Still, the three-time Oscar winner made quite an impression on the baby-faced starlet, then 27. "I was trying to be all cool," she recalls, "and I kept saying to myself, 'He's just a man like any man. He's just an actor. It's not a big deal.' But after he introduced himself, I went to stand up, and my mouth went dry and the room started to spin. All I could say was, 'Oh my God, you're Jack Nicholson!' He was like, 'Yes, honey, I am.'"

As if that weren't embarrassing enough, Benz continues, mortified by her over-the-top reaction to the long-in-the-tooth matinee idol: "Later on, he said, 'Honey, no woman's ever looked at me the way you do.' I was like, 'Oh yeah, they have, Jack — just behind your back. I'm the only one stupid enough to do it this blatantly!'" And that, folks, is as bad as it gets!