This Wednesday at 9 pm/ET, Discover Channel's MythBusters — led by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage — returns with a "Demolition Derby Special," in which our stalwart experimenters try to flip a bus (à la Speed), compact a compact car, and mimic a remarkable Lexus commercial.

In this video Q&A with, Hyneman and Savage discuss the difficulty they often face in recreating "once in a million occurrences," with Savage admitting, "Sometimes it really kicks our butt."

Also coming up in the show's seventh season: another Alaska special, in which they try to sail a boat made out of sawdust and ice, a nod to Seinfeld (does double-dipping really spread germs?), and an in-depth expose of, yes, the age-old banana-peel slip. Says Hyneman of their look into the slapstick chestnut, "It's hilarious."

See what the guys had to share below: