Longtime MTV newsman Kurt Loder's Manhattan crib is located three blocks from where the World Trade Center's Twin Towers once stood, and he admits his neighborhood has been transformed into a "horrific, terrible" mess. What's more, as a result of his pad's proximity to the crime scene, he's only been allowed to return once since last Tuesday.

"I can't get home. I'm sort of locked out and I just don't know what's going on," he sighs to TV Guide Online. "I was back once Friday night for 15 minutes and gathered up some clothes and then I had to leave again." Miraculously, Loder adds, his apartment escaped with little damage. "But there's like a half inch of dust over everything because we left the windows open," he explains, adding that the inconvenience is but a small price to pay. "I feel very, very fortunate."

As it is, Loder probably wouldn't have been spending much time at home this past week anyway. The author and former Rolling Stone editor is busy putting together a segment for Friday's MTV NewsNow Special Report: Our New Reality (5 pm/ET), a 30-minute in-depth analysis of last Tuesday's terrorist attacks. Hosted by correspondent John Norris, the special "attempts to unravel the preconceptions, misconceptions and conflicting reports, allowing viewers a clearer understanding of where the United States stands in the wake of this tragedy, and the challenges that lie ahead."

MTV's news team — including Loder, Sway, Gideon Yago, Iann Robinson and SuChin Pak — will tackle such complex issues as America's relationship with the Middle East, the mystery surrounding Osama bin Laden, and what long-term impact the catastrophe will have on the United States. Loder's piece, meanwhile, dissects the religion of Islam.

"There are probably a lot of people — especially in our audience — who are not real, real familiar with the basis of the religion and how it exists today," he offers. "I think this is all new territory for everybody, but certainly I think for our audience. It's good to put this forward and explain what it is."