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We're at the midpoint of Lost's fifth and penultimate season, and with no new episode this week, it's time to take a cleansing breath and see how far we've come. Let's examine the major plot points and revelations of each episode. Then, check out our burning questions about the first half of the season, and give us your two cents in the comments section.

"Because You Left"

The Gist In Los Angeles, Ben is attempting to get the Oceanic 6 to return to the island, where those left behind appear to be moving through time via "flashes" that started when Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel. After Daniel implants a "memory" in the on-island Desmond's head, 2005-Des springs into action to help his friends.

Revelations Daniel Faraday visited the Dharma Initiative in the 1970s. Locke learns he will have to die to save his friends. The flashes cause nose bleeds in some people.

"The Lie"

The Gist We learn why the Oceanic 6 lied. Ben and Jack work together to convince the rest of the Oceanic 6 to return. Hurley tells his mother that they lied. On the island, the Lostaways are attacked by a mysterious enemy's flaming arrows.

Revelations Mrs. Hawking (among others) is helping Ben assemble the Oceanic 6 in Los Angeles.


The Gist With an assist from Charles Widmore, Desmond and Penny head to Oxford, England, and then Los Angeles to find Daniel Faraday's mother. Daniel helps the Others deal with an unstable nuclear warhead. Locke tells Richard Alpert that he will be his leader in the future. Charlotte collapses after one too many flashes.

Revelations Charles Widmore is Daniel Faraday's benefactor. Richard Alpert, a young Widmore and a young lady-Other named Ellie, who is probably Mrs. Hawking, were all on the island in 1954.

"The Little Prince"

The Gist Kate is on the run after attorneys seeking to prove Aaron's parentage visit her. Ben continues to try to get Hurley and Sayid to return to the island. Everyone on the island — except Daniel — starts getting bloody noses. During one flash, we see the moments when the light came on in the hatch and the moment when Aaron was born again. The Lostaways steal a Polynesian-style canoe they find on the beach, and are chased by a new, mysterious enemy.

Revelations It was Kate's idea to take custody of Aaron. Claire's mother has no idea that Aaron exists. Jin is alive on the island and he's in 1988 with Danielle Rousseau!

"This Place Is Death"

The Gist Ben convinces Sun to return to the island by telling her that Jin is alive. Jin hangs out with the French people for a while — that is, until the smoke monster and insanity kill all of them but Danielle Rousseau. Charlotte dies. Locke drags the other Lostaways to an abandoned wishing well. While he's descending into it, there's a flash and he falls to the bottom, where Christian Shephard helps him put the frozen donkey wheel back on its axis.

Revelations Charlotte lived on the island as a child as part of the Dharma Initiative. She left when her parents divorced. She remembers that Daniel met her when she was a little girl, and warned her that if she ever returned to the island, she'd die.


The Gist Desmond, Ben, Jack and Sun learn how to get back to the island from Mrs. Hawking. Jack visits his grandfather, Ray. Something happens to Kate (who is sans Aaron), Hurley and Sayid convince them to return to the island. They replicate the circumstances of the original Oceanic flight on Ajira Airways Flight 316. Ben boards at the last minute, and he's bloodied and bandaged. At some point during the flight, there's turbulence and what appears to be a flash. Hurley, Kate and Jack wake up on the island and bump into Jin, who is wearing a Dharma jumpsuit and driving a VW bus.

Revelations The island is always moving. Frank Lapidus is the pilot of the Ajira flight. Jack, Kate and Hurley have flashed back to the 1970s.

"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

The Gist We learn how Locke tried — and failed — to get Sayid, Hurley, Walt, Kate and Jack to return to the island with him. He was assisted by Charles Widmore and Matthew Abbadon, who served as Locke's chauffeur until Ben killed him. Since Richard has told him he's supposed to sacrifice himself for his friends, he attempts suicide, but is stopped by Ben, who promptly strangles him. Back on the island, Locke tells fellow survivors Caesar and Ilana about his past on the island. Caesar says he saw some people, including Hurley, disappear from the plane when the light flashed

Revelations Walt has dreams about Locke — and they aren't good ones. Locke did not commit suicide. Furthermore, he appears to have been resurrected back on the island. One group of people appears to have "flashed" from the plane; another appears to have crashed. Caesar and Ilana have a mysterious mission.


The Gist The Lostaways catch a glimpse of a gigantic ancient sculpture. Once the flashing stops, Daniel, Sawyer (aka LaFleur), Juliet, Miles and Jin join the Dharma Initiative in 1974, and live there for three years. Juliet and Sawyer kill a pair of Hostiles to save a woman named Amy. The Hostiles have killed Amy's husband, Paul. Sawyer brokers a deal with Richard Alpert to maintain the peace. Three years later, Amy is remarried to Horace Goodspeed and gives birth to their son — with Juliet's help. We see Charlotte as a little girl. Sawyer and Juliet are in love. Sawyer learns that Jin has found Jack, Kate and Hurley, and reunites with them.

Revelations Sawyer tells Goodspeed he's over Kate.

Our Current Burning Questions

1. Who are Daniel Faraday's mother and father?

2. Who are Charlotte's mother and father?

3. Did Ben go after Desmond and Penny? If so, are they (gulp) dead?

4. Where's Aaron?

5. Is Jack's grandfather, Ray, just a time-traveling Jack?

6. What exactly happened to the passengers of Ajira Airways Flight 316?

7. Who was shooting at the Lostaways from the canoe?

8. Now that they're all back on the island, is everyone in the same time period?

9. Why doesn't Richard age?

10. Why did the Hostiles want Paul's body?

11. Who did Amy give birth to?

12. Where are Rose and Bernard?

Got any bright ideas? Post them below. Namaste!

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