Having played vexing vixens on such sudsy fare as Melrose Place and Savannah, Jamie Luner is accustomed to flashing her flesh. But how does she feel about exposing herself?

"That's a little scary," admits the actress, who tells TV Guide Online that her upcoming episode of The Outer Limits (airing August 4 at 10 pm/ET on the Sci Fi Channel) will reveal more to fans than any skimpy outfit she's donned in the past. "I'm more myself in this than anyone has ever really seen."

This time around, her character doesn't just play doctor... she is one. "It was a lot easier to hide behind the character of the sassy, sexy vixen," she says, "whereas this time, I did a lot more tapping into my own feelings, and allowing that to come through."

Having already mastered the art of on-screen seduction, the soft-spoken actress hopes people will welcome this change with open arms. "I know they're going to compare it and say, 'I like her better like this,' but I prefer to be challenged."

And although this role has her slipping into lab coats rather than stripping out of lingerie, don't think Luner has shelved her wicked ways. "I love playing the vamp, and I get sent out [to audition] for a lot of that stuff," admits the woman last seen stalking serial killers in Profiler, adding with a laugh, "maybe because I do it well."