Given his romantic track record, one might think that The Following's Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) would be ready to give up the dating game for good. But Season 3 of the Fox thriller finds Ryan involved in a new relationship and - dare we say - happy?

The latest object of his affection is Gwen (new series regular Zuleikha Robinson), an ER doctor who's caught Ryan's eye and "represents a new beginning" for the troubled FBI agent. There's even talk of them moving in together! "[He's] a man at a different point," Bacon tells "He's in a more hopeful place. He's really trying his best to make Joe [Carroll] a thing of the past, and... trying to get past that and open up his heart in a relationship."

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That might be easier said than done. Even though Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) isn't present in the first several episodes of the season, his shadow still follows Ryan - and causes major problems for Ryan and Gwen. "There's just this inexplicable connection that [Ryan] has to this guy that is a strange sort of bromance," Bacon says. "It's almost like [Joe's] the other woman, or the other lover. ... He's been such an important piece of my life."

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