Fred Willard Fred Willard

Ready, set, shop! From the producers of Antiques Roadshow comes Market Warriors, a new competition series that pits four expert antique pickers against each other in flea markets across the country. Narrator and sports collector Fred Willard offers his tips for the serious weekend Warrior.

Never grow up. "I am re-collecting the baseball cards my mom had thrown out when I went away to school," says Willard. "You know you are an adult when you can buy a whole set of baseball cards instead of two packs at a time."

Trust your gut. "I saw the Lou Gehrig uniform he wore at Yankee Stadium the day he made his famous speech [priced] for $200,000. But my wife said, 'You are not going to spend that!' And about a year later it was selling for $450,000."

But remember, prices are relative. "To a New Yorker, a 1948 Indians World Series baseball signed by the whole team might be worth only $200 to $300, but to a Clevelander like myself it might be like $1,000 to $2,000."

Market Warriors premieres tonight at 9/8c on PBS.

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