Don't expect to see Rosie O'Donnell as a guest on Comedy Central's The Man Show anytime soon.

"I hate Rosie because she comes across as so sugary-sweet, with all the singing and the kids," Man Show co-host Adam Carolla tells Gear. "And every story I've heard, anyone behind the scenes, anyone who's ever worked with her, she's just this tyrannical bitch.

"Roseanne I don't mind because she's a bitch on- and off-camera and makes no bones about it," he adds. "But with Rosie it almost feels like she's compensating, because she works so hard to come across as so saccharine-sweet, and I've talked to a number of people who have said she's just flat-out evil."

And that's not all. Carolla further describes the popular morning-show host as "the world's biggest hypocrite." Man Show co-host Jimmy Kimmel adds: "Here's a little-known fact about Rosie: She actually has her makeup applied with donuts."

Just who are these Rosie insiders who are filling the minds of Carolla and Kimmel with such nasty thoughts? Comedy Central's bad boys aren't naming names, but it's probably worth noting that Man Show executive producer Daniel Kellison served as the first executive producer on Rosie's syndicated talk show back in 1996.