Lost Wow. What an episode. Yet, as a viewer, I have the uneasy feeling that we, along with Sayid, are in the midst of a long con. Call me suspicious, but in an episode about truth and trust, I have to wonder, is Danielle trustworthy? The events of the evening were all orchestrated by a woman who, as Sayid reminded us, has set up the survivors of Flight 815 before. The show is moving back into harder-edged territory and I like it. Each week the power shifts. Sawyer made his move involving Charlie in a nefarious scheme that ended a tenuous friendship between Jin and his fellow castaway. Sawyer had to expect that having Charlie clobber Sun wouldn't sit well with Jin, who as we know can beat a man down. I can't wait for Jin to make his own power play. This week there were many alpha males with blood on their hands, and how it got there revealed their true pecking order on this island. Sure, Sawyer can squash a tree frog in his hand (as if that will solve his problems, because I'm sure there was just one frog on the island), but he's not cut out to lead. Hell, he could barely keep Hurley under control. Jack's hands have been bloodied before but always in the act of healing. Despite Locke's posturing, he's merely a follower easily convinced to hand over the combination to whoever seems strongest at the time  no blood on him. Sayid is the man who, when pushed to the edge of violence, does not shy away. Twice we've seen the stains of his handiwork and the price he's paid for this vigilance. In interrogating Henry Gale, supposed husband of the deceased Jennifer Murphy, Sayid almost had the tables turned on him over his grief for Shannon. Gale pushed the right buttons, but did Sayid lose it, or was he conning a con? I have questions because, like Jack, I'm not sure whom to trust. How is it that Danielle can catch one of the Others when no one else can even see them? Why didn't Danielle kill Gale? She said that she could have if she wanted to. Is she working with the Others? Do the Others need to get into that hatch? If so, does that mean the crash survivors are in a position of power, which they have yet to realize? Does the key to that power lie in the mysterious red and black symbols that appeared when the countdown clock zeroed out? Or do those symbols only appear when the wrong numbers are entered? 4, 8, 16, 16. Two more questions: Was Sayid's American captor holding a picture of Kate? (Thanks to the readers who pointed out that the soldier was actually Kate's nonbiological father.) And was the tableau of an abandoned Sayid standing at the side of a road in Kuwait a deliberate reenactment of

Edvard Munch's "The Scream"? After tonight's show, I'm sure Sayid would like to.