Locke's dad should seriously get a coffee mug that says "Worst Dad Ever." First the guy steals his son's kidney, then he fakes his own death and convinces his kid to get some cash from a safe-deposit box (No. 1516, of course). Then he ruins the only good relationship in his son's life. Real nice. Though I did like seeing the safe-deposit room, which looked a lot like the one that Kate robbed to get her little toy plane. Coincidence? Not on this show. On mystery island, I'm not sure what surprised me more: the reveal that Henry Gale is an assumed identity, or that really cool black-light map on the wall that seemed to have the locations of all the hatches. Now what do we think is in the middle? I can only imagine, and how much do you wanna bet that Locke's new quest is getting those doors to come down again, though hopefully not on his leg this time? But why on earth did Locke trust faux Henry Gale enough to make that binding deal in the first place? Sure, the creepy guy helped get the big bolt out of his leg and pressed the button did you notice how quickly he "memorized" the numbers? but offering a stranger and potential Other complete protection no matter what could only lead to trouble. Especially after Sayid and Co. discovered that the body in the grave that was supposedly fake Henry's wife is really a man named Henry Gale who lived, probably very happily, on 815 Walnut Ridge Rd. in Wayzata, Minn. (which, fans have written in to tell me, is in fact a real town). Now Locke's stuck between Jack and a hard place. That's not necessarily a good place to be, but considering some of Sawyer's homoerotic/testosterone-laden comments, he wouldn't mind being there. I know, I'm just joking, but the "put your mangos where your mouth is" remark could have some double entendre about it that, plus Kate's offer to go get a ruler. Maybe my dirty mind is just working overtime, or maybe I watched the "Brokeback Island" parody a few too many times. Seriously though, I did love the great Sawyer line about his knowledge of antibiotics: "You've been to Phuket, but I've been to Tallahassee. Let's just say something was burning and it wasn't from the sunshine." Love him, but Sawyer should practice his poker skills, because those supplies that just appeared near the hatch could mean trouble for his bartering business, and next time he might need to bluff big in order to win some macaroni and cheese from Kate.