In Bedazzled, Brendan Fraser plays a mind-boggling array of characters, including a Colombian drug lord and a guy so sensitive, he bursts into tears at the sight of a sunset. Unfortunately, audiences won't see the actor's favorite persona — a drugged-out rock star.

"I was doing a rocker who was a cross between Oasis and the guy from Supergrass," Fraser tells TV Guide Online, adding that the doomed sequence was very involved. "I went onstage before thousands of extras in a stadium in downtown L.A., ... lip-synching a song written by the guy from Metallica. Forget acting; it was all about rock and roll!"

Apparently, Dick and Jane moviegoer weren't dancing in the aisles. As Fraser explains, when his alter ego wasn't performing, he was backstage, scarfing down pills, throwing up and engaging in a fairly explicit sex act on a table. "He was pretty vile," he concedes. "It sort of became our homage to Sid and Nancy, [but] test audiences didn't buy it.

"I was going over the top [with it]," he continues, "because this guy is a complete wreck. We thought we were doing a spoof like This Is Spinal Tap."

Well, anyone eager to see Fraser's turn to the warped side should check out the DVD version when it's released — or travel outside the U.S., since foreign versions remain unchanged. Everyone else will have to make do with the replacement character that director Harold Ramis came up with at the last minute: Abraham Lincoln.

And while he has come to terms with focus groups playing an important role in the creative process, Fraser can't help but ask himself, "I wonder how Shakespeare would have fared with a test audience?"