Lisa Williams Lisa Williams

British clairvoyant Lisa Williams is returning to Lifetime to entertain viewers by doing what she does best — chatting with dead people!

Beginning Monday, October 27 at 11 am/ET, Williams will star in a special weeklong programming event, Lisa Williams: Voices from the Other Side. "I love Lifetime and it's such a nice feeling to back with the family," says Williams.

The half-hour specials explore the mediums' world and her unique gift featuring one-on-one sessions with those who have experienced a loss, as well as her "man-on-the-street" readings with complete strangers. "I have this ability where all my senses are heightened — it's like they're on steroids! I have no idea about what I'm about to pick up, and the spirits will have me see things, hear things, smell things …it's amazing."

And viewers can expect some exceptionally emotion-provoking readings over the weeklong programming block. "I did a reading for this one couple who had just lost their son," said Williams. "He was giving me these senses that were unbelievable. There we are having this intense reading, then all of a sudden it would turn lighter and I'd be talking about his smelly feet. It was incredible — I thought I could touch him."