Former Cosby Show kid Lisa Bonet says she'd consider making a return to series TV ? if she could do so entirely on her own terms.

"I have some conceptual things I'm thinking about," Bonet tells TV Guide Online. Among them is an idea for a TV variety show she describes as a "kind of Laugh-In meets Saturday Night Live meets Courtship of Eddie's Father kind of thing."

Bonet, who plays a singer in the new feature film High Fidelity, says she really doesn't miss her TV sitcom days. "I'm kind of tired of actually being a pawn in other people's worlds," she says. "There's a whole big world out there. A lot of it doesn't take place in front of the camera."

In recent years Bonet has been busy doing charity work and raising Zoe Isabella, the 11-year-old daughter she shares with ex-hubby/musician Lenny Kravitz. Bonet confesses she doesn't quite understand the opposite sex but that she and Kravitz have managed to stay on friendly terms. "It's my baby's daddy," she quips.

Bonet also says she and her daughter will occasionally pop a tape of an old Cosby Show into the VCR and have a good laugh together. "She thinks it's hysterical," says the 32-year-old mom. "It's very dated. I mean, it's very '80s. All my wardrobe and everything. We just kind of laugh about that."