Survivor's sole survivor, Richard Hatch, is denying reports that he had liposuction. However, the 39-year-old television legend admits that he

did go under the knife to ensure that no human being ever has to watch him play with his flab on TV again. "I did not have liposuction, but if you saw that flopping around stuff on the last episode, I had that removed," he says. "It's called resection and it's skin from having lost over 140 pounds that could not retract. It had been stretched past the point of ever being able to come back so I had that removed." Hatch, who confirms that he likely will appear on the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7, adds that the procedure took place on May 9 and "it was scheduled probably five or six months before I even left for the island." Meanwhile, he confirms talk that he's considering writing a book. "It's certainly a possibility," he says. "I think I've had an interesting life." For more from Hatch, check out Part 1 of a revealing two-part interview in today's Insider.