Survivor enemies Kelly Wiglesworth and

Susan Hawk came face to face on CBS's The Early Show this morning and announced that their truce is holding — despite a very public salvo fired by Wiglesworth while hosting Talk Soup on E! Entertainment Television on Monday. In response to Hawk's now-legendary rat/snake speech, Wiglesworth called the tapioca-loving Wisconsin truck driver two-faced and said she "formed an alliance with the other seven of her 15 personalities." Early Show host Bryant Gumbel showed a portion of Wiglesworth's Talk Soup rant, to which Hawk responded, "That was funny. We have to make fun of it now... lighten up America!" Although Hawk insists she doesn't regret her tirade against her fellow former castaway — including the part where she said, "If I were ever to pass you along in life again, and you were laying there dying of thirst, I would not give you a drink of water" — she did bring Wiglesworth a gallon of water to this morning's interview. "I'm taking care of her now," Hawk said. "I'm watching out for her." Other highlights from the reunion: The dueling divas announced plans to challenge each other to a tapioca wrestling match, and Hawk, who will host Talk Soup tonight (8 pm/ET), said she is scheduled to get back behind her 18-wheeler beginning Sept. 18. Consider yourself warned.