Cleo King Cleo King

I hope CBS' Mike & Molly has some talented makeup people. The new sitcom has just cast 48-year-old character actress Cleo King (Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy) as the grandmother of series regular Reno Wilson, who plays Mike's cop partner, Officer Carl McMillan. Reno is 40 years old himself — thus my great confusion.

And this isn't a one-off guest role. Cleo, who I'm told is hilarious in her wig, will play Grandma in seven out of the first 13 episodes. Viewers will learn that Carl lives with his spry nana (who has the Fountain of Youth stashed in her basement?). I'll let you know if one of the Cosby kids signs on to play Carl's mom. Tempestt Bledsoe, make sure your cell phone's charged!

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