Adult diapers, a vibrator and other assorted crude jokes, including one about O.J. Simpson, kicked off Joan Rivers's annual Oscar preshow on E ? and it went downhill from there.

Joan is supposedly on the red carpet to criticize and compliment the fashions, but she spent most of her show ranting and raving about anything that struck her fancy. "I want to apologize to my dear, dear friend Florence Henderson," Joan told viewers. "She is not a crackhead... anymore." Whatever.

Unfortunately, this year's preshow was short on embarrassing gaffes (except for that Kevin Spacey/Kevin Costner mixup), so we had to put up with softball interviews with Haley Joel Osment, Tom Green and ? get this! ? Karen Black.

The first hour was a mixture of lame, tasteless gags, while the second hour was crammed with Joan's sometimes toothless, sometimes bizarre interviews with folks like Queen Latifah ("You're performing tonight, right? Are you worried about your throat?") and the oddly dressed South Park guys.

And what would a Joan Rivers preshow be without a joke about you-know-who? "They actually found [the missing Oscars] under Kathy Bates's dress!" Wow ? pretty tame this year, Joan!

The less said about Melissa Rivers and her annoying binoculars (dubbed "Melissa Vision") the better, but at least Joan had the decency to apologize for her own bad behavior. "If I seem snippy and snappy today it's because I haven't had sex in six months." Ummm, too much information!