Jennifer Lopez by Kevin Mazur/ Jennifer Lopez by Kevin Mazur/

Jennifer Lopez is in the legal doghouse, facing a $5 million lawsuit which claims that her guard dog bit a flight attendant some two years ago.

Per the New York Daily News, NetJets' Lisa Wilson was working a Gulfstream flight in July 2006 when J.Lo boarded with "Floyd," whom the singer described to airplane personnel as "a well-behaved guard dog." Lopez briefed the crew on how best to behave around the German shepherd, yet when Wilson walked by the pooch, he began "attacking her and biting her [polyester?] pant leg."

Wilson in turn "twisted and fell," injuring her back so badly she had to undergo surgery and now can no longer fly skies friendly or otherwise.

The suit claims J.Lo is liable for all injuries because she knew of her dog's "vicious propensities." - Matt Mitovich