Wedding bells are ringing on Jane the Virgin!

After weeks of planning and dramatic hiccups, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) will make a fateful trip down the aisle on next Monday's (May 16) episode, but you can get a glimpse of the dress she'll wear when she marries Michael (Brett Dier) right now.

Ivonne Coll, Gina Rodriguez and Andrea Navedo, <em>Jane the Virgin</em>Ivonne Coll, Gina Rodriguez and Andrea Navedo, Jane the Virgin

Jane picked a lace covered A-line dress that greets her shoulders with a little flare in the bottom half. In the first promo image she's flanked by her grandmother Alba (Ivonne Coll) and her mom Xo (Andrea Navedo), who look like they can't be happier for Jane on the big day.

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However, Jane the Virgin is a telenovela, which means that no big event will run as planned. A second photo released by the CW predicts there will be at least one hurdle before Jane gets to say her vows. At some point, she'll get stuck with Rogelio (Jaime Camil) on the bus — and she looks pissed! The question is: are they heading towards the wedding or away from it, and why?

Jaime Camil and Gina Rodriguez, <em>Jane the Virgin</em>Jaime Camil and Gina Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin

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