American Idol's Brandon Rogers blames his perhaps critical error - forgetting the words to "Can't Hurry Love" - to neither nerves nor pressure, nor the onus of singing first this week, but to his... hips. "Honestly, it was just me having too good of a time," he said during a Thursday press-conference call. "I went out there, did my little hip-shimmy, and the crowd screamed - it was the loudest they'd been my whole time in the competition - and I was like, 'Whoa, this is awesome! Um, what the heck are my words?' My mind went blank." Immediately upon Brandon's ouster, bullet-dodger Sanjaya's face went forlorn, suggesting either sadness over a friend's fate or proactive dread over what Simon will say next about his own singing. Asked what turned Sanjaya so sour, Brandon told, "I have no idea. It's hard to see anybody leave, and every week there's no confusion as to why we're all in tears. We genuinely care about each other, all of us."