Showbiz couple Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant appear to be inseparable, but don't count on the two of them tying the knot anytime soon.

"It's not something I've ever felt would make much difference in my life," reveals the statuesque actress-model in Glamour. "Since the day we met, I've always lived as if I were married.

"Hugh and I drive each other demented half the time, but he really is my best friend," adds Hurley, who clearly has gotten past Grant's very public indiscretion with a Hollywood hooker back in 1995. "If we don't talk to each other for a day, it's torture. And if we split up, I'd feel like my brother had died. It takes a lot to come to terms with feeling that way about someone. If you've got it, hold on to it."

Hurley, who's currently shooting a remake of the 1967 Peter Cook/Dudley Moore comedy Bedazzled, also mentions that she and her beau do not expect to start a family anytime soon. "How am I going to give children a stable upbringing when I'm so unstable myself?" says Hurley, 34. "I find it hard to organize getting my legs waxed, let alone arrange nanny schedules. Something has to give."