[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Thursday's episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Read at your own risk.]


According to Frank (Charlie Weber), he did. Annalise's (Viola Davis) former (?) muscle man confesses to the killing at the end of Thursday's How to Get Away with Murder's. But chances are he didn't do it. Yes, the flashback showing him picking up Wes (Alfred Enoch) from the police station doesn't look great, but he only went to the po-po after Laurel (Karla Souza) tells Frank it should've been him instead of Wes, who is in fact her baby daddy, and she blames him for the death.

Laurel also reveals that she saw someone run out of Annalise's basement storm door before the house blew up. Something else that happened before the explosion? Hannah (Marcia Gay Harden) had phoned the police at 10:30 p.m. Annalise explains to Bonnie (Liza Weil) that she had called Hannah earlier in the day during her self-pitying drinking sesh. Is Hannah the rat?

How to Get Away with Murder: Who Killed Wes? Ranking the suspects

One's thing for sure: The police and the DA's office are desperate to nail Annalise, who's denied bail, for this, and may or may not have coerced the medical examiner to rule Wes' cause of death as smoke inhalation. When Nate (Billy Brown) reminds her that she told him Wes was dead before the fire, she merely says that was before the initial autopsy. <Insert thinking face emoji here>

Is Annalise being targeted? What's Frank's game plan? And where did he take Wes? Showrunner Peter Nowalk answers our burning questions.

It can't be Frank, right? That's too obvious.
Peter Nowalk:
I don't know. I think it can be. I'm sick of the twists sometimes and want to go with the obvious choice. [Laughs] He definitely has reasons to kill him. He was with him, so that's pretty shady. There are going to be other suspects, obviously, that our characters are going to wonder about. Frank is numero uno in terms of what he's capable of.

It seems like he went to the police in reaction to what Laurel said to him. "It should've been you." "I blame you." It was very accusatory. Do you think it was impulse?
You'll find out if it was impulsive more in the next episode. I will say I don't think he necessarily planned it out as well as he should have.

He didn't tell Bonnie.
Yeah, like at least tell Bonnie! But he did not.

Charlie Weber, How to Get Away with MurderCharlie Weber, How to Get Away with Murder

It could go either way with him. He's willing to go above and beyond for people he cares about, so he could've killed Wes to prove his loyalty to Annalise if she asked that of him. At the same token, he could've turned himself in for Laurel.
Exactly. Or he could've killed Wes out of anger or jealousy. Or he could've tried to save Wes.

What are the repercussions of him turning himself in? I'm assuming Bonnie and the Keating 4 are going to find out.
Yes, everyone's going to find out. But mostly, it's is his plan going to work? It gets a lot more complicated. I don't think the police are going to necessarily want to believe him. It's a very interesting story to tell. It seems like someone just wants Annalise down for good. The next episode is about unraveling that mess and seeing if he can get Annalise out of jail. Obviously once he does that, all of our students are asking if he did do it.

Where is he taking Wes in the flashback?
We'll pick up a few moments after that in Episode 11 so I can't tell you.

When are we gonna get more info on who Laurel saw in the basement?
I don't like to keep you waiting, so there will be some information about that in the next episode.

From someone else who was there or her?
Possibly his killer.

Karla Souza, How to Get Away with MurderKarla Souza, How to Get Away with Murder

I liked the parallel of Laurel and Annalise — the two people Wes was closest to — in the hospital and jail, defeated and broken.
Yeah, they're both trying to survive. ... There's going to be some really great stuff with [Annalise in jail]. That was really scary as a writer because you're putting Viola Davis in a box. But she's great anywhere.

Bonnie is very hesitant to represent Annalise and Frank had to give her a pep talk. Will she grow in confidence? She has to step up now.
She has to step up and be the new Annalise, and I don't even know how Annalise would get herself out of the situation. I think Bonnie's feeling all the heat. This is a journey for her. I don't think she's going to have victories right away. I love watching Bonnie trying to navigate these impossible situations. She's so good at her job and so hardworking and competent and smart. That doesn't necessarily mean she's going to win.

Nate is also stepping up and actively inserting himself in this investigation. And he's basically on his own. He doesn't trust anyone except himself at this point. Is that accurate to say or will he find allies?
Yeah, I love that Nate is independent. He's gotten played so many times that I think he's a man on his own little search and journey. He's a truth-seeker. We'll find out why he's doing that.

Why did Hannah call the police?
That's a good question. We will possibly find out.

Are we going to see Hannah again?
I can't say one way or another without giving something away.

Can you say if the medical examiner is in cahoots with the DAs?
That's a great question as well. You're asking all the questions all the characters are asking and it's like, why would they want to cover that up? It's pretty weird and who's giving orders?

Someone's out to get Annalise.

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